Arabian Nubian and Reguibat shields

Recent surveys and reports of the Middle East and North African region have estimated the value of its mineral reserves at approximately US$ 1 trillion.

Regional stabilization and the opening up of economic borders are constantly generating opportunities for investment, exploration, production for all industry stakeholders.

The Arabian Nubian shield, covering a 2,725,000 Km Sq section of the MENA region that includes Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen, is extremely mineral rich with a proven concentration of:

  • World Class gold, iron, copper, chromium, REE and other critical metals
  • Large mineral deposits of gypsum, phosphates, potash, lime, sulphur, salt and others
  • Several gold provinces yet to be tapped into with deep exploration
  • Reserves of various other industrial and agricultural minerals
  • Unexplored potential yet to be assessed by modern surveys and advanced equipment.

The MENA region also contains other mineral rich areas across the African Belts:

  • The Reguibat Shield, covering the countries of Mauritania, Western Sahara and Algeria and containing existing world class gold and iron ore mines.
  • High potential gold and base metal provinces in the Tuareg Shield.
  • Agricultural mineral deposits, extending from Mauritania to Sudan along the South Tethyan Phospharite Belt.

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Arabian Nubian Shield

Arabian Nubian Shield

Arabian Nubian Shield

MENA region
(including Arabian-Nubian Shield)

Arabian Nubian Shield

Underexplored agricultural
mineral potential in Mauritania,
Algeria,Libya, Egypt and Sudan.